MATCH REPORT: VOAB vs Solomon Islands

The Solomon Islands national team picked up their first Netherlands tour victory as they comfortably defeated VOAB 3-1.

It was an important task for the side to bounce back after their previous 1-0 defeat to ADO ’20, with Wim Rijsbergen making several changes to the starting eleven.

Andrew Abba, Desmond Tutu, Andrew Rarangia, Dennis Ifunaoa and Michael Boso were all given starts as the Solomon Islands aimed to pick up their first victory on European soil.

Joses Nawo scored the first goal of the game and for the European tour for the Solomon Islands

The home side started brightly as Tutu was forced into action early to make a last minute tackle in the second minute.

But it was the Solomon Islands who dealt the first blow of the game as Joses Nawo fired in a powerful strike in the eighth minute, goalkeeper Nik van Kasteren managed to keep out the first effort from Benjamin Totori but couldn’t prevent Nawo’s rebound.

It didn’t take long for the hosts to answer back with a goal of their own as Pieter van der Heijden rose to beat Tutu with a powerful close range header in the 19th minute and drawing the teams level.

V.O.A.B took control of the game and almost fired in another close shot, this time it was Casper van Beers whose free kick curled just wide of the Solomon Islands’ goal in the 22nd minute.

The away side managed to muster a sudden counter attack as Nawo was once again given the chance to score, he did well to find space on the edge of the box but his tame shot was easily caught by Kasteren.

Despite V.O.A.B having a strong spell of possession it was the Solomon Islands who capitalised on a mistake. Abba managed to steal possession and force the defender to bring him down in the box as the referee called for a penalty kick in the 31st minute.

Captain Totori stepped up to take the kick and calmly converted from the spot to give the Solomon Islands team the lead once more.

With the Solomon Islands managing to keep the home side at bay, the half time score sat at V.O.A.B 1-2 Solomon Islands.

The players embrace Benjamin Totori after his first half penalty finish.

As the second half got underway, V.O.A.B applied early pressure and were almost rewarded for their efforts, Van der Heijden once again came close to levelling the score as his curling effort skimmed just wide of the post in the 50th minute.

Despite the three goals in the first half, the most astonishing moment came from Tutu in goal. The keeper was forced into three consecutive saves after the youngster incredibly denied efforts from Joran Beerens and Stijn van Laarhoven in the 59th minute.

Rijsbergen made several substitutions in the second half as he aimed to give all his players a chance to play against V.O.A.B.

The changes were soon followed by a big tackle from John Aeta as his late challenge was deemed a foul by the referee in the 75th minute.

The Solomon Islands were denied a third goal in the 82nd minute as Abba was caught offside after receiving the ball behind the defence and leaving him in on goal.

But the away side would not be denied a third, as substitute Alwin Hou managed to find space behind the defence and chip the ball over a helpless Kasteren in the 90th minute.

As the referee blew his whislte for the final time the score finished V.O.A.B 1-3 Solomon Islands thanks to goals from Nawo, Totori and Hou.

With their first European tour victory under their belt the Solomon Islands national team would need to rest as they travelled to RKSV BSC the next day.

Line Ups: V.O.A.B: 1. Nik van Kasteren; 2. Luuk Evers; 3. Pieter van der Heijden; 6. Casper van Beers; 7. Thomas Huijben; 8. Julian van de Hoef; 9. Joran Beerens; 10. Stijn van Laarhoven; 11. Rutger Zoontjens; 12. Daan Simonse; 14. Guus Baart.

Solomon Islands: 21. Desmond Tutu; 3. Allen Peter (4. Boni Pride, 79); 5. Michael Boso; 6. Andrew Rarangia; 7. Atkin Kaua (8. Patrick Taroga, 67); 9. Benjamin Totori (18. Raynick Laete, 67); 10. Jerry Donga; 14. Joses Nawo (11. Gagame Feni, 67); 16. Emmanuel Poila (13. John Aeta, 67); 17. Dennis Ifunaoa (15. Alwin Hou, 67); 19. Andrew Abba.

James Worthington

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