Day 8: School Visit

There was a special visit for the schoolchildren of Saint Leonardus School in Heemskerk, as Solomon Islands team manager Patrick Minisi, and training camp volunteers Jan and Clive all went to talk tot the class about the Solomon Islands. The children listened to tales of the South Pacific and enjoyed some songs from the Islands, writes Nathaniel Holland.

Also joining the school visit was ADO ‘20 chairman Jos Beerse who was keen to learn about his side’s next opposition. The club who play in the Dutch fourth division are celebrating their 100th anniversary and they are hosting a national team for the first time in their history.

Whilst the trio were in Heemskerk, the players continued their preparations on the training pitch with another double session at VOAB. The opening game with ADO ‘20 is tomorrow (Wednesday, kick off-7:30pm). At the school, children were given a small gift to bring to the match to gather signatures from all of the national team squad.

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